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Open House – Your First Introduction to Temple Law’s Community

As a prospective law school student, I wanted to remain in Philadelphia, but was willing to move elsewhere if I did not find a school that seemed like the right fit for me. I visited Temple without any idea of what to expect. I entered intimidated by the very thought of law school and left ready to start as soon as possible.

I had a surprisingly wonderful experience at the Temple Law Open House because of the passionate faculty, exciting experiential learning, smoothly run programming for the day, and thoughtfulness toward the prospective students. Open House was an accurate representation of the Temple Law experience. I have a B.A. from a small liberal arts school and an M.A. from an Ivy League university, and Temple Law has some of the best professors with whom I have worked throughout my academic career. Law school is not easy and can feel overwhelming, but professors are genuinely invested in helping students and want us to do well. I am very proud to be a part of this community.

– Holly Camisa LAW ’21

Open House provided wonderful insight into what a day at Temple Law really looks like. One activity that really stuck out to me was a demonstration of a cross-examination done by Professor Shellenberger and some Integrated Trial Advocacy Program (ITAP) students. They provided us with summaries of a few cases and we were told to synthesize the rule from the cases and then apply it to the cross-examination to determine whether the police acted within their authority. It was a cool glimpse into what we are required to do every day with regards to rule synthesis. It was also great to hear from different professors about what subjects they teach and what different programs Temple has to offer. I advise anybody considering Temple Law to go to the Open House – you get a sense of the community here and why the school has the reputation that it does. Choosing which law school to attend is a difficult decision, but after seeing so many Temple professors in action, meeting them and talking to them, it made my decision much easier.

– Tyler McCaffrey LAW ’21

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