Student Commentary

My Spring Semester at Temple Law’s Japan Campus

My time studying at Temple University Japan campus (TUJ) was, without a doubt, one of the most fruitful and rewarding experiences of my law school career. As a Program, TUJ is incredibly well integrated as an American university in a sprawling foreign metropolis. As a country, Japan is amazingly sophisticated and well worth understanding for those curious to understand the future. If you are someone who enjoys adventure, has international aspirations, or is innately curious, I cannot recommend this program enough.

Educationally, classes are well-integrated for those considering careers in international law or seeking an added dimension to their personal brand. The added benefit of small classes allowed me to personally connect with professors on an intimate level not possible elsewhere and obtain quality mentorship from international field leaders.

Professionally, TUJ helped arrange fantastic internship opportunities at top-notch organizations, assisting students to gain valuable experience and build upon their CV’s. With opportunities at global firms like Morgan Lewis and BMW, students have the chance to network, experience life as an international practitioner, and strengthen their professional background.

Culturally, TUJ did a great job integrating students into what has now become one of my favorite cities in the world. The cultural richness of Tokyo ensures students learn just as much exploring the sprawling metropolis as they do in class or at their internships. As a bonus, the food is incredible, the level of detail, precision, and care (in everything) is inspiring, and the surrounding scenery is extraordinary.

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