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Study Abroad at Temple University Japan

I have been studying at TUJ since the spring of 2020, including pursuing my LL.M. in transnational law. TUJ’s program has continued to impress me. The professors bring real world experience into the classroom, and the classes bring together a diverse range of students from all over the world and all different backgrounds. It makes for the most enriching classroom experience I’ve ever had. Furthermore, TUJ’s staff is unmatched in their professionalism and dedication to helping students navigate the J.D. and LL.M. programs, and in assisting foreign students with living in Japan. Especially during the past year of the pandemic, the staff at TUJ has made it possible for me to traverse the complexities of living in a foreign country. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Japan, its culture, and gorgeous wilderness. Since the pandemic, I have been exploring the many national and quasi-national parks outside of the cities. The transportation system in Japan makes it easy and safe to visit even the most remote areas of the country. The class schedule and …

Studying for my LL.M. at Temple Law School Japan

I came to Temple University, Japan (TUJ) with no defined plan for the future. I had just finished a study-abroad year in Bristol, England, did not want to go back to my home country of France and wanted to become even more internationally minded . Studying for my LL.M. at Temple University, Japan was perfect for this! I was able to study both American and international law and discover a new culture. Studying at TUJ, interacting with the teachers and the legal community there allowed me to find several internships and the area of law I wanted to specialize in. I took part in an arbitration class offered by TUJ and decided that this was what I wanted to pursue, which led me to relocate to Seoul. Thanks to the TUJ staff and professors, I was able to receive great legal education, pass the California Bar, while at the same time enjoy and discover Japan!

My Spring Semester at Temple Law’s Japan Campus

My time studying at Temple University Japan campus (TUJ) was, without a doubt, one of the most fruitful and rewarding experiences of my law school career. As a Program, TUJ is incredibly well integrated as an American university in a sprawling foreign metropolis. As a country, Japan is amazingly sophisticated and well worth understanding for those curious to understand the future. If you are someone who enjoys adventure, has international aspirations, or is innately curious, I cannot recommend this program enough. Educationally, classes are well-integrated for those considering careers in international law or seeking an added dimension to their personal brand. The added benefit of small classes allowed me to personally connect with professors on an intimate level not possible elsewhere and obtain quality mentorship from international field leaders. Professionally, TUJ helped arrange fantastic internship opportunities at top-notch organizations, assisting students to gain valuable experience and build upon their CV’s. With opportunities at global firms like Morgan Lewis and BMW, students have the chance to network, experience life as an international practitioner, and strengthen their …

Milan, Italy

Is Studying Abroad In Law School Right For You?

I am a somewhat atypical Temple Law Student. Whereas most law students simply move from their 1L year to 2L year, I decided to move to Milan, Italy for my fall semester to study international intellectual property, human rights, and the legal system of the European Union. I then decided to spend my 2L spring semester at Temple’s campus in Tokyo, Japan, where I’m gaining insight into the legal systems of east Asia. In total, I will be studying abroad for eight months. Making the decision to study abroad, especially for two semesters, is a big commitment. Below, I’ve shared the questions I asked myself before making the decision to go international. If you’re thinking of studying abroad in law school, these questions are a good place to start. Question One: Are you looking to study abroad because it will be a useful tool in your law school toolbox, or because you just want to travel the world? Prior to law school, I moved from place to place, working as a system engineer for various branches and …