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Develop Good Habits That Will Serve You Well in Law School

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Editor’s Note: This article is one in a series of blog posts from first-year faculty members with their best advice to incoming law students on how to spend their summer before entering law school. To see every piece of advice in one document, click here.

Professor Kristen MurrayWhat should you do this summer? My short answer to this question is “Relax!” You have a big year ahead of you, and once you get here, Temple Law has lots of programs and resources that will set you up for a successful first year.

Almost no incoming law student accepts my short answer, though, so here’s my longer answer: “Relax, in a way that helps you develop good habits that will serve you well once school starts.”

Read that best-seller you’ve had your eye on, because it will prime you for your class reading assignments. Get on a regular exercise schedule, because good health and stress release are of enormous value to any 1L, and fitting these important things into your weekly schedule will get you thinking about time management (a critical skill for a busy law student).

“Binge-watch “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” because it’s hilarious and has (almost) nothing to do with the law; once you start classes, you will see potential legal issues everywhere.”

In short, find the things that help you relax and decompress and remember them once the academic year starts!

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