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Why I Chose Temple Law

The Application Process

Being the first in my family to attend law school, I found the law school application process extremely intimidating and challenging. So much so that I applied to ten schools because I didn’t think I would get accepted anywhere. I took an LSAT prep course during the summer and successfully completed the October exam. I wrote my personal statement and made changes based on advice from advisors and career counselors. I had letters of recommendation from two of my wonderful internship supervisors and two brilliant professors. Even though I was doing all of the right things, I still worried.

If you are at this stage, here is my advice: stay calm.

The Waiting Game

At the beginning of the applications process, I told myself I would go to the highest ranked school that accepted me. However, when I visited that top school’s campus, it didn’t feel like home. I knew during my very first visit to Temple University that this school is where I was meant to be. Since I went to Temple University for undergrad, Temple Law was where I was most comfortable. Based on the Law School Admission Council’s website data on Temple Law, my GPA was in the 75th percentile, but my LSAT scores were in the 25th percentile for acceptance. I still applied. While I was waiting to hear back from Temple Law, I attended a law school fair just to pick up pamphlets and chat with the representatives. At this point, it had been a few months since I completed my application so I was anxiously waiting their decision. I introduced myself to the Temple Law admissions representative and felt we had such a great connection. He was genuinely excited to meet and talk to me and did his best to calm my nerves.

If you are at this stage, here is my advice: do not feel discouraged based on statistics.

The Acceptance Letter

When I got my acceptance from Temple Law, I cried and immediately called my mom. Although I was admitted to eight of the ten law schools I applied to, the decision was easy. I attended the Temple Law Open House and that just solidified my belief that the school was my perfect match.

If you are at this stage, here is my advice: celebrate.

The Life of a Law Student

It’s been two years since I completed my Temple Law application, and I am now a happy (and busy) 2L student. I volunteer with the National Lawyers Guild Expungement Clinics Project. I have made life-long friends. I spent this past summer participating in the Temple Law Rome Program and working as a research assistant for Professor Laura Little. I live in a city known for cheesesteaks and Rocky. I am the Special Events Co-Chair of the Women’s Law Caucus. My law school experience has been everything I had hoped it to be and it’s all because I chose Temple Law.

If you are at this stage, here is my advice: give advice to prospective students.

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