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How Temple Law’s Open House Became the First Day of My Legal Career

Whether you already think Temple Law is the school for you, or you are still trying to determine where to attend law school, the Temple Law Admitted Student Open House will make the decision easy. One year ago, I remember feeling nervous as I walked up the steps of Klein Hall for the first time. However, when I left that day, I felt empowered and ready for the next chapter of my life at Temple Law. The Admitted Student Open House gave me some insight of what to expect throughout my legal education: caring professors, nationally-ranked programs, hands-on experience, and the resources needed to succeed.

The day started with faculty members introducing themselves and congratulating us on receiving our acceptance letters. While the professors were speaking, I could automatically feel their passion and excitement for the school. Temple Law professors have been recognized around the world for their accomplishments, but they are some of the most humble people I have ever met. That morning when each professor urged us to reach out to them with any questions, I knew they truly meant it.

That sense of empowerment I had when leaving Open House has been with me since starting law school. I knew I was ready to begin my journey as a law student, and I knew Temple Law was where I needed to be.

To start off the day, then-Dean JoAnne A. Epps, who recently became the Temple University Provost, gave a speech that I will never forget. This leader of the legal profession had spoken in front of the Senate, and yet she was proud to be talking with us because she wanted others to share in her love of the law. Provost Epps described law school as not just learning the law but learning how to become a lawyer. She stressed that the clinics, student organizations and events that Temple Law provides allows students to explore potential interests and develop new skills. This stuck with me because I wasn’t just looking for a school, I was searching for an institution committed to helping me reach my full potential.

One of my favorite parts of Temple’s Open House was the opportunity for us to break up into smaller groups and have an honest conversation with current students. The students encouraged us to ask any and all questions that we might be wondering about Temple Law or just law school in general. Some of the questions included, “What student groups are you involved in?”, “Is the school easily accessible from public transportation,” and “What’s your day-to-day life look like as a law student?” Even though the students came from different backgrounds, cities and undergraduate colleges, I could tell from their answers that they all felt confident in choosing Temple Law as their home.

The Temple Law Admitted Student Open House also gave me the chance to feel like a real law student. During one of the sample courses we were given a scenario and had to negotiate with the person sitting beside us. Not only did we get a taste of Temple Law’s Introduction to Transactional Skills course, but I got to know the woman sitting beside me. The session made me realize that law school isn’t only about studying in the library, but also meeting new people and networking.

Usually, law schools offer a generic open house just to give a tour and inform admitted students. However, Temple Law’s Open House felt like the beginning of my legal career. That sense of empowerment I had when leaving Open House has been with me since starting law school. I knew I was ready to begin my journey as a law student, and I knew Temple Law was where I needed to be. It is now a year later, and Temple Law has been everything I could have ever imagined.

By attending Open House, admitted students can:

  • Meet the professors that work tirelessly with students to help them understand difficult legal concepts
  • Learn about the career services office that connects students with alumni working in the practice area they’re interested in
  • Experience what a real law school class is like

This list could continue, but most importantly, Temple’s Open House will help admitted students choose the right law school for them.

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