Author: Jared Slipman LAW '19

Income Tax

The 2019 Fogel Lecture by Dana Trier

On March 21st Temple Law students had an exclusive opportunity to hear about the 2017 tax legislation, commonly referred to as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “2017 Act”), first-hand from Mr. Dana Trier, the 2019 Fogel Lecture keynote speaker. Mr. Trier served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy in the U.S. Treasury Department, and was at Treasury during the lead up to the 2017 Act. Many of my peers, myself included, thought Mr. Trier might simply cover the key elements of the 2017 Act, such as the BEAT, essentially a base erosion deterrent in the form of an alternative minimum tax, and the increased taxation of CFC’s under Section 951A, the new GILTI provision. Instead, Mr. Trier treated the room to a truly fascinating recounting of his time at Treasury immediately leading up to the 2017 Act. Indeed, not only was Mr. Trier involved in the process generally, but many of his personal comments directly shaped specific provisions. Mr. Trier first discussed the role of Treasury in passing the 2017 Act. Contrary …