Student Commentary

The Family Law Society | Student Organization Voices Series

Your Name: Erin Ambrose
Graduation Year: May 2021
Name of Organization: The Family Law Society
Position in Organization: President

Temple Law School: When did you join this organization?
Erin Ambrose: I joined the Family Law Society as a 1L at the student organization fair!

TLS: Why did you decide to join this group?
EA: I decided to join this organization because it is an area of law that I am interested in practicing. I knew that the organization worked with the Family Law Section of the Pennsylvania Bar Association so there would be great opportunities to network as well as learn more about this subject area.

TLS: What is your organization’s mission?
EA: Our goal as the Family Law Society at Temple is to increase family law awareness and allow students to explore family law opportunities. We want students at the law school to gain a deeper understanding of the various aspects of family law by hearing guest speakers, panel discussions, and attending networking events. We will also aim to raise awareness of the expansive nature of family law, mainly on other aspects of law that intertwines with family law including contracts, property law, and tax law.​​

TLS: Can you tell us about a recent or annual event that your organization hosted?
EA: We held an event with author and professor of law Leah Plunket. She discussed her book, Sharenthood: Why We Should Think Before We Talk About Our Kids Online, which delved into the legal complexities of a minors right to their own image and data. She spoke with us for thirty minutes, and then we had a discussion about the students thoughts on her hypotheses.

TLS: What do you gain as a law student from your involvement in this organization?
EA: I gained a great deal in my time serving as the president of the Family Law Society. Not only did I learn more about the practice area, I gained valuable leadership skills. I also attended several networking events and was able to connect with many family law attorneys who are currently practicing in Philadelphia.

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