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My Philly Neighborhood: Commuting from the Suburbs

I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, but was always drawn to the city itself. When I enrolled in Temple Law, I was excited to throw myself entirely into city life. I thought that during my time at Temple Law, it was essential for me to live in the geographic boundaries of Philadelphia. However, I quickly realized that this was not the case. Living in the suburbs as a Temple Law student is actually a very real possibility. We all know that law school can be expensive, and for me, living in the suburbs was a way to offset some of that expense. Luckily for me, my parents still live in the same suburb where I grew up and were willing to have me move back home after years of living on my own. As a current third-year law student, I commute to Temple Law every day using Septa’s Regional Rail System. The Regional Rail has trains that run from Philadelphia to the western suburbs, northern suburbs, and even New Jersey. I take the Paoli-Thorndale …

My Philly Neighborhood – Fairmount

Editors Note: Since Philadelphia is known as a city of neighborhoods, we asked Temple Law students, faculty, and staff to talk about what they love, hate, and can’t live without in their neighborhood.  See all of the neighborhoods covered thus far.  If you are looking for small neighborhood charm, just over one mile from Center City and a 15-minute bike ride from Temple, Fairmount is the Philadelphia neighborhood for you. Choosing to live in Fairmount during my time in law school has been one the best decisions I have made. Fairmount is a tight knit community, with all of the best aspects of living in small neighborhood. There is a mix of apartment and row house living options all at a reasonable cost and free street parking. For the past two years, I have lived in a row home on a quiet Fairmount side street. My home on N. Stillman Street features three bedrooms, one full bathroom, a spacious kitchen, living area, back patio, and laundry in the basement. I live with two roommates; together …

My Philly Neighborhood – Passyunk Square

Editors Note: Since Philadelphia is known as a city of neighborhoods, we asked Temple Law students, faculty, and staff to talk about what they love, hate, and can’t live without in their neighborhood.  See every neighborhood covered thus far.  During the first two years of law school I lived in Southwest Center City-the neighborhood straddling Rittenhouse and Graduate Hospital. While I loved its location, tree lined streets, and 5-minute walk to the Rittenhouse La Colombe, I had thoroughly explored all the dining options and was ready to reduce my rent check. I moved to Passyunk Square this spring and can’t believe I’ve missed out on all its glory for the past two years. While I had been to Passyunk Square a few times to try new restaurants, living and immersing myself in the neighborhood has been an entirely different experience. Passyunk Square is a neighborhood that stretches east from Broad Street to 6th St., and south from Washington Ave. to Tasker Street. The neighborhood of East Passyunk Crossing is very similar, and extends down from …

My Philly Neighborhood – South Philadelphia

Editor’s Note: Since Philadelphia is known as a city of neighborhoods, we asked Temple Law students, faculty, and staff to talk about what they love, hate, and can’t live without in their neighborhood.  See every neighborhood covered thus far.  Having come from North Jersey, Philadelphia was always an accessible city for me. In my early college years I visited Philly with friends from school, and fell in love with it. My first introduction to South Philly was visiting my friend’s house on Daly Street. What caught my eye on that nice spring day back in 2014 was how homey the neighborhood felt. Adjacent neighbors passed baking ingredients on porches, and everyone waved as we walked by. When my roommate—another rising 2L—and I began our search for an apartment in South Philly, we were mostly motivated by the low rent prices. As we continued our search, though, we got the homey vibe we had been looking for. The landlords were nice enough, but every apartment we looked at, we made sure to peruse the surrounding streets and …

Philadelphia Skyline from Fitler Square

My Philly Neighborhood: Fitler Square

I grew up in Fitler Square, a small, quaint neighborhood in the southwest corner of Center City. The neighborhood’s charm is defined by its Victorian-era, 19th and 20th century row homes and its close proximity to Rittenhouse Square, Taney Park, and other Center City neighborhoods. The best part about Fitler Square is its diversity and exuberance; the neighborhood is comprised of families, young professionals, students, and empty nesters. I grew up loving the neighborhood, and I’ve never strayed too far. I returned to the neighborhood when I started law school and I could not be happier with my decision.

Queen Village

My Philly Neighborhood: Queen Village (And Bella Vista, Too!)

Queen Village is the perfect neighborhood. Nestled just southeast of Center City, Queen Village is bordered by South Street to the north and Washington Ave to the south, and spans from 6th Street to the Delaware River. With tree-lined streets, historic brick homes, and plenty of shops and restaurants, Queen Village is the quintessential urban residential neighborhood. And if you’re interested in expanding your search closer to the Broad Street subway line, look no further than neighboring Bella Vista, which occupies the same latitude as Queen Village, but stretches to the west from 6th Street to 11th Street. It’s just as lovely, and perhaps more accessible to Temple for the car-free crowd.

Powelton Village West Philadelphia

My Philly Neighborhood: West Philadelphia

I have lived in Philadelphia for the past three and a half years. During my first two years in Philly, I lived in Center City. While I enjoyed it there, I always thought that the rent prices were a bit of a rip off and, because I’m not much of a city girl, I missed being around trees. While visiting some friends who lived in West Philly, I noticed the charming old Victorian homes, and all of the gorgeous green space. I was delighted by how quiet the area was and decided to look into living there.

My Philly Neighborhood: North Philadelphia

I came to Temple Law School from Houston, TX. I first discovered Temple after searching US News and World Reports’ best law schools for trial advocacy list. After being accepted, I decided to experience the school and the City of Brotherly Love before I paid my final seat deposit. When I arrived I was not sure this was the place I wanted to spend the next three years of my life. I grew up in New Orleans before moving to Houston, which was an easy move – the weather was still warm and it was only a five hour drive from home. Philadelphia was far from my family and, maybe more distressingly, had real winters. The mere thought of having to walk to class in the snow and wear layers to keep warm, made me want to run back to the South.

Fishtown, Philadelphia

My Philly Neighborhood: Fishtown

After living outside of Pittsburgh for the past few years, I moved to Philadelphia to attend Temple Law. With only an outside knowledge of the city and its neighborhoods, I searched through Craigslist for something that was within walking distance of the law school. I knew my first year would be insane, and I figured I’d spend most of my time in the library anyways. The result: I ended up on 13th and Diamond, at the edge of Temple University’s campus. Surrounded by undergrads with — how should I say this — different social schedules than me, little to no restaurants, and no good cafes, I ended up spending most of my time in the library without much regret.

My second year, all that changed.

Philadelphia Art Museum

My Philly Neighborhood: Fairmount (aka the Art Museum Area)

Living in Fairmount is like living in the city, but with training wheels.

Fairmount—often referred to as the “Art Museum Area” due to its proximity to the Philadelphia Art Museum—is located just a mile and a half from the heart of Center City, but has all the perks of living in a small neighborhood. For example, there are less people, more parking spaces, and a variety of housing options for a fraction of the cost. I have lived in Philadelphia for over six years, and I spent five of those years living in Fairmount.