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Passing the California Bar Exam

I enrolled in LL.M. in U.S. Law in May, 2015 aiming to become a competent lawyer who can discuss legal matters on an equal basis with U.S. lawyers working for a U.S. affiliate. Due to increased opportunities to collaborate and work with foreign lawyers, I became aware that obtaining knowledge about U.S law was essential to pursue my career as a legal professional in the long run. The learning environment at TUJ was ideal for me because the lectures were mostly scheduled for evening, which allowed me to learn at TUJ and earn LL.M. while working full-time without leaving Japan.

Although I planned to manage both work and study, in reality, especially at the beginning I spent a large amount of time for extensive reading required for each class, which sometimes challenged me in balancing among work, study and life. Despite the busy days, I always looked forward to attending live classes and enjoyed learning U.S. laws and cases. The live classes at TUJ greatly helped me understand the principles of U.S. laws and enabled me to clear up uncertain points within each class by directly asking professors for detailed explanations. Through TUJ, I could make friends from different backgrounds and professions, which has broadened my human network. The communication with my TUJ friends continues and they are the greatest assets I earned at TUJ.

After graduating from TUJ, I started preparing for the California Bar Exam. Throughout the preparation period, I had been exchanging exam information with a TUJ friend who graduated at the same time and aimed for the California bar. We had been encouraging each other to pass the bar. Especially, for the first-time online exam, the existence of the TUJ friend greatly reassured me because I could talk with her about the online exam procedure which had been updated to the last minute. Moreover, the pleasant memory is that both my TUJ friend and I passed the same October 2020 California Bar Exam.

I greatly thank TUJ professors, staffs, my TUJ friends and my family for supporting my endeavors.

Photo Description: The author, Yumiko Tabo LLM ’18

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