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Intellectual Property Law Society | Student Organization Voices Series

Your Name: Catherine Cuff
Graduation Year: May 2020
Name of Organization: Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS)
Position in Organization: President

Temple Law School: When did you join this organization?
Catherine Cuff: I joined IPLS as a 1L my first year at Temple. I worked in IT prior to law school and knew I was interested in the subject. I made sure to sign up at the student activities fair.

TLS: Why did you decide to join this group?
CC: With our society relying more and more on technology I wanted to better understand how law and science interact. I also wanted to demonstrate to employers that this was an area of interest for me. Embarrassingly, I’ve always had a bunch of crazy ideas for inventions. I wanted to learn how to make them reality!

TLS: What is your organization’s mission?
CC: The purpose of IPLS is to promote the discussion of legal challenge presented by technological advances through speakers and events. We want to connect students with this wonderful field of law!

TLS: Can you tell us about a recent or annual event that your organization hosted?
CC: Once a semester we host a career panel. We bring in a variety of both soft (trademarks, copyrights) and hard IP practitioners (patent law, patent prosecution) to discuss their respective fields with students. Our main goal with these panels is to demonstrate the fascinating work that IP practitioners do and to show that IP is for everyone—no hard science background required!

TLS: What do you gain as a law student from your involvement in this organization?
CC: I have participated in valuable networking opportunities and learned so much about the IP field generally and in Philadelphia. The region is home to a variety of tech startups, pharmaceutical companies, artists, sports teams, musicians and more. Through IPLS I have learned how the legal field serves these valuable enterprises.

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