Author: Kelsey Franklin LAW '21

Japan Study Abroad – The Best Study Abroad Experience

My time at Temple University Japan was unforgettable. Even though half the semester was conducted online, the quality of classes was not diminished. The staff and professors almost seamlessly transitioned classes to distance learning, and they were there for the students at every corner to help where they could. During the time spent in-person at TUJ, I was incredibly impressed by the facilities, resources available to the students, and the quality of professors and education offered. It was obvious that the professors were passionate about the students and the subjects they were teaching. There wasn’t a question or issue that the staff couldn’t help you solve. It was very comforting to have such a solid lifeline while living abroad as a student. The class schedule was great, and the 3-day weekends left plenty of time to explore the country, people, and culture. TUJ was absolutely the best study abroad experience I’ve ever had because of the quality and care put into their curriculum.