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Broad Street Run

I Beat The Broad Street Run

This past Sunday, I awoke at the crack of dawn, stood in the chilling rain for over an hour, and then ran ten soggy miles down Broad Street. The occasion? The annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run. Founded in 1980, the Broad Street Run is now the largest ten-mile race in the United States, with forty thousand participants chosen by lottery. The race, held annually on the first Sunday in May, starts on North Broad Street at Fisher Avenue, in front of Central High School and Einstein Medical Center. The race culminates south of the stadiums at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. The Broad Street Run is a quintessential Philadelphia event, not only for the runners, but also for scores of folks who come out to cheer as the runners pass. Even in the pouring rain, neighbors lined the streets to applaud, hold up signs, offer high-fives or otherwise buoy the spirits of the runners. There is also entertainment along the way, which takes on the flavor of each of the many neighborhoods – a church …