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Law Schools Considering Familiar Alternative to LSAT for Admissions

Dean Gregory Mandel is quoted in this article from the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Several area law schools are considering the GRE as an alternative to the LSAT as part of their admissions process. Dean Gregory Mandel told the Philadelphia Business Journal that Temple’s position on the issue is “wait and see.” While noting that the GRE may be a more attractive option to some applicants, particularly those with STEM backgrounds, Mandel said that any approach would have to be holistic: “One reason schools have soured on the LSAT is that to be a great lawyer, you need to possess a number of skill sets … and the LSAT gauges a few of those but not all. So how do you gauge all of them? You have to look carefully at undergraduate performance, the obstacles the student had to overcome, any past work experience.  It has to be a holistic approach to arrive at a good prediction of an applicant’s future success.”

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