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A Temple Law Family Tradition

Marianne Bradley LAW '19, Eileen Bradley LAW '18, and Eleanor Bradley Huyett LAW '14

Temple Law has a proud history of cultivating outstanding graduates. For the Bradley family however, cultivating outstanding graduates is a family tradition. In 2014, eldest sister Eleanor Bradley graduated from Temple Law. When her younger sisters starting thinking about applying to law school, “It was a no-brainer for me to encourage them to choose Temple,” she said. In 2015, Eileen, the youngest Bradley sister, applied and started her law school career, followed in 2016 by middle sister Marianne.

All three sisters were present at Temple Law’s 2018 Commencement ceremony to celebrate Eileen’s graduation. As a returning alumna, El, along with Dean Mandel, was able to present the diploma to her sister, something Marianne can look forward to next year.  The sisters shared their thoughts on this unique family tradition:

Eileen Bradley LAW ’18

My time at Temple Law has been invaluable. At Temple I have gained the practical skills I will need this upcoming fall as I begin my legal career, but I’ve also had the privilege of being part of the Temple Law community made up of professors, classmates, and staff. The community here at Temple Law is truly a family, and I am incredibly lucky that my actual family is a part of it. Sharing my law experience with El as an alum and mentor, and Mare as my classmate and friend, has enriched my law school experience and, although I’m sure we didn’t think it was possible at the time, made us even closer as sisters.

Marianne Bradley LAW ’19

I first became acquainted with Temple Law when my older sister, El Bradley Huyett, became a student back in 2011. Over the next three years, I watched as El developed both lasting friendships with her classmates and close relationships with her professors; she even met her husband, Pat Huyett as a law review staffer. I became very close with many of El’s friends, and considered myself something of an honorary Owl. In 2015, my younger sister Eileen enrolled at Temple Law. I watched her experience many of the same joys as El had, and decided to apply to Temple Law myself. After visiting the school on Admitted Students Day, and sitting next to Eileen in her Civil Procedure class, I knew that Temple was the right school for me. It has been nothing short of an adventure attending law school with Eileen. We have taken three classes together, have melded our groups of friends together, and have strengthened our bond. I’m so proud to watch her move on to the next phase of her career, but am truly sad to be at Temple next year without her; after all, she’s the one who brings me my lunch money! I look forward to counting myself among my sisters’ ranks and calling myself a Temple alum next year.

Eleanor Bradley Huyett LAW ’14

Attending Temple Law was likely the best decision I’ve ever made, both professionally and personally.  From a professional standpoint, Temple gave me the research, writing, critical-thinking, and practical skills necessary for success as a practicing attorney.  On a personal level, I developed a lasting network at Temple.  I met some of my best friends, and my husband, during my time there.  My sisters have had the same positive experience at Temple that I had, and I am so proud of both of them.  They have both worked so hard and have committed themselves to developing as lawyers.  I have no doubt that their hard work will result in many successes in the future.

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