What is advocacy? At Temple Law, we believe that advocacy is the very essence of lawyering – the practice of telling each client’s story with skill, passion and authenticity. For more than two decades, Temple has transformed law students into some of the best trial advocates in the country with our award-winning curriculum taught by brilliant, passionate faculty. Every Temple lawyer has a story to tell; we’ve gathered some of the best ones here.

Now, more than ever before, the advocacy skills that have set Temple trial lawyers apart are ensuring that clients’ stories get told in places far beyond the courtroom. From the halls of government to corporate board rooms and community nonprofits, Temple lawyers are proving every day that advocacy is at the heart of everything we do. That’s the power of a Temple Law education in advocacy; it prepares every Temple lawyer to listen, to speak, to act – in the courtroom and beyond.

So what is advocacy? Advocacy is the essence of being a lawyer. It’s telling a client’s story with passion and authenticity. It’s speaking with confidence and authority. It’s persuasion and purpose; preparation and vision; responsibility and service, from the courtroom to the conference room and beyond. Advocacy is power. Advocacy is excellence. Advocacy is…