Texas A&M Journal of Real Property Law National Writing Contest

Deadline: 06/29/2018

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National Writing Competition

Each year the Texas A&M Journal of Property Law hosts a National Writing Competition to give law students and legal scholars from across the country an opportunity to publish their work.

Invitations are typically sent out in February with a submission deadline in June.

Articles may be submitted through ExpressO or directly to the journal through the Business Editor at businesseditorjpl@gmail.com. ​

Check this page throughout the year for updates on the National Writing Competition.

2018 Call for Student Papers


The Texas A&M Journal of Property Law (“Journal”) is hosting a National Writing Contest to give law-student authors of excellent scholarly work from across the country an opportunity to publish their essays.

The Journal is seeking papers that touch on or are related to property topics. The Journal is taking a broad view on this interpretation.

Articles may be submitted via ExpressO or, applicants may email submissions to Spencer Mainka at BusinessEditorJPL@gmail.com prior to the deadline of 11:59 P.M. CST, June 29, 2018. Include a subject line of: Property Journal Contest 2018. Entries received after the deadline will not be considered. A completed entry form is to be included with the essay.


This contest is open to all law students, including those who graduate in Spring 2018. Students must be over the age of 18, attending and in good standing with an ABA-accredited law school within the United States, excluding Texas A&M School of Law.


The Journal will consider any submission that discusses a legal issue touching property law in some manner. The essay must be the original work of the entrant, and jointly authored essays are not acceptable.

Only unpublished essays are eligible.


Essays are to be traditional law review style, presenting a scholarly discussion with full citation to authority in footnotes. Essays should conform to standard Bluebook and Redbook rules. Submissions are to be in standard MS Word format, and under 10,000 words including title page and footnotes.

Publication of Winner

Contest winners are published in the Fall 2018 Student Edition.

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