Sarah Weddington Prize for New Student Scholarship in Reproductive Rights

Deadline: 01/29/2018

Competition Website

If/When/How, the Center for Reproductive Rights, and the Center on Reproductive Rights and Justice invite submissions for the 13th annual Sarah Weddington Writing Prize for New Student Scholarship in Reproductive Rights.

Winning authors will receive cash prizes: $750 (1st place), $500 (2nd place), or $250 (3rd place), in addition to a copy of the textbook, Cases on Reproductive Rights and Justice (Murray & Luker). The first-place winning submission will also be granted a “presumption of publishability” and receive expedited review by the Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice.

The Sarah Weddington Writing Prize seeks student scholarship exploring reproductive rights and justice issues in the U.S. We encourage writing that amplifies lesser-heard voices, suggests innovative solutions, and takes into account the realities and the lived experiences of the people most affected by reproductive oppression. We ask students to think expansively about reproductive rights and justice and to analyze issues using an intersectional lens – to consider the impact of demographic and institutional factors such as race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and immigration status.

The suggested theme for this year is “Immigration is a Reproductive Justice Issue”
Drawing on case law and statutory interpretation, discuss how recent immigration-related policies (travel bans, expedited deportations, DACA, “build the wall” rhetoric) impact reproductive rights concerns and/or can be viewed through an intersectional, reproductive justice lens. All submissions on other reproductive rights and justice topics are welcomed.

Papers must be at least 20 pages in length (not including footnotes), double-spaced in 12-point font with footnotes in 10-point font, conforming to Bluebook citation format. Only original scholarship by current J.D. or LL.M. law students or recent 2017 graduates will be accepted. Papers being considered for publication elsewhere are ineligible for the first-place prize but may be considered for second and third place. Papers already contracted for publication as of January 2018 will not be accepted. Winners will be selected by a panel of legal academics in February 2018. Send your submission as an email attachment (in Word format, saved with your name in the title) along with the name of your law school, graduation year, and mailing address to by 5:00pm ET/2:00pm PT on Monday, January 29, 2018.

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