Elliot A. Spoon Business Law Writing Competition

Deadline: 03/17/2014

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Elliot A. Spoon Business Law Writing Competition

The Elliot A. Spoon Business Law Writing Competition is an annual writing competition sponsored by the Journal of Business & Securities Law.

The Competition is named in honor of Elliot A. Spoon, dean of the Career Services office, our faculty advisor, a law school professor, and long-time advocate of the Journal.

A call for submissions is sent to various law schools and organizations in the latter part of the fall semester.

The Competition is designed to encourage business law scholarship by upper-level law students nationwide. The winner will receive an honorarium contingent on receipt of a signed publication contract for inclusion within our annual spring issue.



Julia Zukina – A Step Short of Change: Examining the Recent Regulation of Credit Rating Agencies and Its Shortcomings in a Global Market


Marina Petrova – Capital Formation for Internet Companies: Why Facebook Stayed Private for So Long and What That Means for Investors


Alexander Charap – Minimizing Risks, Maximizing Flexibility: A New Approach to Credit Default Swap Regulation


Michael B. Lopez – Resurrecting the Public Good: Amending the Validity Exception in the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods for the 21st Century


Mohsen Manesh – Indeterminacy and Self-Enforcement: A Defense of Delaware’s Approach to Director Independence in Derivative Litigation

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