20140924_deGuzman_M_005-300x400Dr. Margaret M. deGuzman, Associate Professor of Law at Temple, recently posted Inter-National Justice for Them or Global Justice for Us?: The U.S. As a Supranational Justice Donor (Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law, forthcoming). Here’s the abstract:

U.S. policy concerning international justice, particularly at the ICC, involves case-by-case support when such support is in U.S. national interests. This policy signals that the U.S. considers itself a supranational justice donor rather than a member of a global justice community committed to enforcing shared values. In these remarks prepared for a conference on The International Legal Practices of the Obama Administration at Case Western Reserve University School of Law I argue that this approach to international criminal justice both inhibits global justice efforts and undermines the U.S. claim to global moral leadership. I suggest that the next U.S. administration should assert full membership in the global justice community by joining the ICC and providing unequivocal support for all efforts to address serious international crimes.