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Messages from Temple Law Faculty and Alumni

Messages for the Class of 2020

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A message from Jean Nalty

Congratulations Justin White, Jon well done. May God bless you and the entire class and keep you all safe.

We are so proud of you, great job Congratulations

A message from Cheryl Morris-Anderson
Misha Cherie Morris My beautiful daughter, I am so proudly proud of you. You set your goal in life early and you persevered even when things got tough . Now you can make the rest of your dreams come true, God’s abundant blessings to you , Love Mom ❤️
A message from David Irrer
Congratulations Abbey!!! This year what a year, our girls “Class of 2020”. Devon graduating from High school, Elizabeth receiving her PHD, Abbey receiving your degree in Criminal Law. Abbey, we know you worked so very hard for your degree, now make it work for YOU and the others you want to help (Semper Fi). We are so very proud of you Abbey. Love Uncle David and Aunt Chris
A message from Mike Lazzara
Andrew, Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment. You are a true role model and we are very proud of you.
A message from Marthe Adler
Sarah Beth McKinney, we are so proud of you today! Sending you lots of love and support as you virtually march out into the world to start your new career! You have done a phenomenal job! Love, Cousins Marthe, Fred, Michaela, Matt and Aram
A message from Betty W
I’m so proud of you Tiffany Y!
A message from Rawan Alawaji
Super proud of you.
A message from Chris Ellis
MIKE STURDIVANT man you know I don’t do a lot of talking or writing but I’ve seen you put in a lot of long nights and it’s been a lot of hard work but you persevered. This isn’t just another normal day or small celebration you beat the odds, that’s major! Society had already written your story from their point of view as to what you should do with your life and who you would become. You changed all that. Nobody knows your story or your struggle better than you so you owed this to yourself. I’m proud of you, I’m inspired by you, I admire you kid. It’s only up from here man I never had a little brother before, it’s an honor to call you family. Congratulations Bubb
A message from Julia Segedin
Andrew, You’ve never stopped giving us reasons to be proud of you. You constantly surprise us with what extraordinary thing you’re going to do next. I never grow tired of hearing you make a speech, especially your graduation ones. I have watched you at every single graduation you’ve had. 1991, 2001, 2005, 2009 and now 2020. What’s better than watching you walk across the stage (or virtually toss your cap in the air) is seeing what you do next. I know that with your tenacity, devotion, and hard work that you’re going to change the world some day. And as always, I’ll be routing for you. Playing a game of who loves more than whom. Congratulations on figuring out what you really do with a B.A. in English and figuring out what your life’s going to be. You did it! Love, Julia
A message from Hassan Benmoussa
Félicitation chère Mariam Khoudari Je suis très heureux et très fier de toi Vraiment un avenir brillant BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO
A message from Nick Segedin
Congratulations Andrew on this, your most incredible achievement. You never cease to amaze me with your abilities. I am extremely proud of the fine young man you’ve become and love you very much. Love Papa Bear
A message from William Haynes
Congratulations Nadijah Campbell on achieving another milestone. You are an inspiration to your family and friends. Hard work never goes unnoticed. I’m proud of you. Keep striving to be a better you. The sky is to reach for…
A message from Maria Cosme
Mi amada hija Sheily, nada es imposible en la vida, las limitaciones están en la mente del ser humano. Me honra tu perseverancia, tu valentia, tu fuerza, en la toma de decisiones para ir tras tus sueños. Congratulations, éxitos y sigue escalando cada peldaño hasta llegar a la meta. Te amo, Dios te continue bendiciendo Tu Mamita Magaly.
A message from Luis González Arocho
I have known you now for almost 11 years now. In that time, we have gone through more things than most. It has been my honor to be a close friend, and I am beyond excited for you, and this next chapter. From the moment I met you, I knew that you were meant for great things. With this notch on your belt, you’re now even better prepared to take on the world and do wonderful things. We all believe in you and will continue to root from our seats. My dear Sheily, you are one of a kind, and the world is quickly catching up. You have turned yourself, through your grit and talents, from an already exemplary woman into a powerhouse of a lady. I wish you happiness and caviar. Keep it up, champ!
A message from Tabatha & Kaitlynn Jefferies
Mary McDow, we are so proud of you and all of your hard work!! Great Job MC, we love you!!

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