Social Justice Clinics

The Sheller Center’s Social Justice Lawyering Clinic is supervised by Clinical Professor Jennifer Lee. A second clinic, Justice Lab, operated from 2016 to 2018 under the supervision of Clinical Professor Colleen Shanahan; the Center expects to resume operation of a second clinic in the 2019-20 school year. Each clinic lasts one semester; some students may enroll in an advanced clinic for an additional semester.

CSJ Students & Faculty

Social Justice Lawyering Clinic

In the Social Justice Lawyering Clinic (SJLC), students primarily represent low-wage workers and organizations engaged in labor, immigration, criminal justice, civil rights, and other advocacy impacting immigrants and workers.  The clinic docket includes employment cases at all stages of proceedings before the state and federal courts. The clinic’s non-litigation work consists of the representation of grassroots organizations, legal nonprofits, and other entities involved in policy and legislative reform efforts, media advocacy, and community education. All students handle at least one litigation and one non-litigation matter. The SJLC seminar meets weekly and is centered on a practice-oriented examination of advocacy, where students can collectively strategize about their work while engaging in critical self-reflection about social justice lawyering.

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Justice Lab (2016-2018)

Justice Lab students represented client organizations in a range of systemic advocacy matters.  Students developed and advanced policy campaigns, designed and piloted legal services and access to justice programs, drafted legislation and provided legislative advocacy tools, and acted as problem solvers and strategic planners.

As noted above, although Justice Lab is not in operation during 2018-19, the Center expects to resume operation of a second clinic during 2019-20.

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