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Historic Guided Tour of Old St. Joseph's Church, the Historic Graveyard at Old Pine Street Presbyter

Enjoy tours of these three wonderful historic Churches.

(1) Old St. Joseph's Church: The church structure is uniquely sited and nearly impossible to see from the street. One story relates that Benjamin Franklin advised Father Greaton to protect the church, since religious bigotry wasn't unknown even in the Quaker city. The entrance to the church from Willings Alley remains through a narrow arch with iron gates which opens to an unassuming courtyard which conceals the nature of the church building. It is full of beautiful paintings, including Filippo Costaggini's 1886, ""The Angelic Exaltation of St. Joseph into Heaven"" depicting St. Joseph surrounded by angels with an infant Jesus on his lap bearing lilies. This painting is recognized as historically significant by the Philadelphia Historical Commission.

(2) Historic Graveyard at Old Pine Street Presbyterian: This historic graveyard tour for 10 - 20 will be led by your guide, Ronld Shaffer, Historian and Tour Giver. Learn about the venerable and valiant 18th and 19th Century Philadelphia citizens and Revolutionary War soldiers, along with a vixen and a virtuoso! The graveyard was established in 1764 and has around 5,000 interred in less than a 3/4 acre plot. This tour offer expires July 14, 2016.

(3) Old Swedes Gloria Dei Church: Gloria Dei Church, known locally as Old Swedes', is a historic church located in the Southwark neighborhood of Philadelphia. It was built in 1698, making it the oldest church in Pennsylvania and second oldest Swedish church in the United States. The church displays the English vernacular style of church design, which combines elements of the Medieval and Gothic styles.

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