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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bid on an item?

In order to place bids, you must be a registered user. Once you are logged in, you may place bids by navigating to an item's page and using the "Place Bid" box. Bids can ONLY be made if you are logged in as a registered user.

What are "Starting Bid", "Current Bid", "Next Minimum Bid", and "Value"?

"Starting Bid" is the minimum amount for the first bid placed on an item. You may bid a higher amount if you wish.

"Current Bid" is the current highest bid that has been placed on an item.

"Next Minimum Bid" is the minimum amount of the next bid, though you may bid a higher amount if you wish.

"Value" is the retail (or estimated) value of the item.

How do I turn off email updates?

This website sends three types of email updates: Bid updates, Watch updates, and AutoBid updates. Emails are sent when you place a bid, when you are outbid, and when someone places a bid higher than your maximum AutoBid.

Bid updates may be turned off on the User Settings page by unchecking "Email me bidding updates".

Watch updates are turned off by default and may be turned on and off for an item by clicking the "Watch this item" checkbox on that item's page. These send you email whenever a bid is placed on a watched item, regardless of who places it.

AutoBid updates are turned on by default and may be turned on and off for an item by clicking the "Email me updates" checkbox in the AutoBid box on that item's page. These send you email whenever your AutoBid places a bid for you.

How will I know if I have won an item?

Official winning bidders for the Online Auction will be emailed by Wednesday, April 20, 2016. However, if you log in after the Online Auction has ended, you can see whether you are the top bidder on your Bid List or on a specific item's page.

How do I pay for items I have won?

You can pay for items won in the Online Auction by credit card, check, or cash. Payment for items won on the Online Auction is due (if paid by credit card or in-person cash or check payment) by 12:00 PM on FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016 (the day of the SPIN Auction Party & Dean’s Cup Event) or must be postmarked (if paid by check via mail) by TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2016.

  • Credit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
  • Checks: Please make checks payable to "Temple University", and write "SPIN" and your bidder number in the memo line.

If your check is returned or your credit card is declined, you will be responsible for all associated fees in addition to the cost of the items you won.

How will I receive the items I have won?

SPIN coordinates the delivery of items to the winning bidders. If you win an item on the Online Auction, you will be contacted by SPIN regarding the delivery of your item(s).

Can I withdraw a bid after placing it?

No. By bidding on an item, you agree to pay for the item if you are the winning bidder. You may not withdraw a bid after it has been placed.

Can I contact the item donor for a refund or exchange?

No. Items have been donated to SPIN and are being auctioned off by SPIN, not by the original donor. Purchasers may not ask the original donors for refunds or exchanges.

What does it mean that my bid was not placed because a higher bid already exists?

That warning means that another bidder placed a higher bid between when you loaded the page and when you clicked "Bid". To avoid this warning in future, please reload the item page shortly before attempting to place your bid.

What is AutoBid?

AutoBid is an automated function that bids for you if you are outbid on an item. When you are outbid, AutoBid will automatically place the Next Minimum Bid for you. Your AutoBid maximum amount is kept secret from all other bidders.

However, AutoBid will not place a bid higher than your desired maximum amount; instead, AutoBid will notify you by email that you have been outbid. After that, you may bid again or set up a new AutoBid. There is no guarantee that you will not be outbid.

You may modify your AutoBid's maximum amount at any time prior to the end of the auction by navigating to that item's page, but you cannot decrease your maximum amount below the next minimum bid.

Can I modify or delete an AutoBid?

Yes, you can modify or delete an AutoBid you have created, unless that AutoBid has been deleted due to being outbid. However, you cannot modify an AutoBid maximum amount to be lower than the current Next Minimum Bid.

What does it mean that my AutoBid has been already been deleted?

That warning means that your AutoBid has been deleted since you last loaded that item's page. Most likely this is because another bidder has placed a bid higher than your AutoBid maximum amount. When bidding surpasses your AutoBid's maximum amount, the site automatically deletes it (if you have opted to receive bid updates, the site will also email you). However, you may create a new AutoBid with a higher maximum amount at any time.

What does it mean that my AutoBid raced another AutoBid?

When two AutoBids are created for the same item, they initiate a bidding race. Each AutoBid takes turns placing the Next Minimum Bid, until an AutoBid's maximum amount is reached and it is deleted. The winning AutoBid remains, having placed the current top bid on that item. If your AutoBid has lost a race and was deleted, you may create a new AutoBid with a higher maximum amount.

What is "Bid List"?

Your Bid List is a list of every item on which you have placed a bid. You may view them all on one page or select individual items from the "Bid List" dropdown menu.

What is "Watch List"?

Your Watch List is a list of every item you have chosen to watch by clicking "Watch this item" on that item's page. You may view them all on one page or select individual items from the "Watch List" dropdown menu.

What does SPIN do with the funds it earns from the Auction?

SPIN uses all funds earned at the Online Auctions to assist law students working at public interest legal organizations over the summer. For more information, please visit the SPIN website.