TEMPLE 10-Q COVID Resources for Business Lawyers

The Editors and Staff of The Temple 10-Q recognize that trying to stay abreast of COVID-19 analysis is like trying to sip water from a firehose: you can do it, but it is messy and not very efficient. In an effort to make this daunting task more manageable—and to provide an ongoing resource for business lawyers who want one-stop shopping for outstanding analysis of the business law issues that COVID-19 will present—we are creating the 10-Q’s COVID-19 Business Law Resources page. This page will contain links to content on COVID-19 that we consider to be especially valuable, organized by category, and typically sourced from a friend of Temple’s business law community (e.g., an alumnae).

We plan to update it weekly or as the spirit moves us. If you have COVID-19 content—yours or others’—that you think may be especially valuable to business lawyers, please send us the link and your thoughts on the value that the piece adds. 

This special coverage is in addition to the ordinary business law content by and about the Temple business law community that The Temple 10-Q provides each week.


Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Business Interruption Insurance

Contracts and Force Majeure

Corporate Governance

COVID Liability

Employment & Labor Law

Lending and Financial Institutions

Real Estate

Securities Law


Trademarks & Patents

Law Students


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