Back On Track: Update on CSX

When last we checked in with our intrepid railroad, legendary railroader E. Hunter Harrison was leading the company through rapid and tumultuous change. Trumpeting his famed ‘Precision Railroading’ and driving CSX’s stock up more than $10B in value, while overseeing rapid consolidation and layoffs, at least shareholders were enjoying the fruits of activist investing. Looming

UPDATE: Latest on United Airlines and the Proposed Canadian Pacific-Norfolk Southern Merger

United Airlines and Trains

Over the past several months, we’ve brought you some excellent pieces by Conrail GC Jonathan Broder (LAW ’83), Flying Off the Rails and Unwanted Suitors, about scandal at United Airlines and the proposed Canadian Pacific-Norfolk Southern merger, respectively. Ever alert to developments, Broder (who’s since become an editor of the 10-Q) provides updates to both

Introducing New Editor Jonathan Broder

The 10-Q is always seeking to improve what we do and how we do it. So, we are thrilled to announce that Jonathan Broder, LAW ’83, is joining us as a co-editor. Mr. Broder has brought a wealth of experience and insight to this blog through articles on a potential railway merger, a shakeup at American