10-Q Summer/New Job Advice – Summer 2021 Update [PART 2]

This is the second of two lists of “do’s and “don’ts” for those newly entering a legal practice environment—or those who employ them. Part 1 covered some tips about the work. The list below recognizes that law is usually practiced with other people (but see COVID-19), and so you need to be mindful of various social issues that may crop up.

10-Q Summer/New Job Advice – Summer 2021 Update [PART 1]

For the last several years, at the end of the school year, the editors of The 10-Q have offered a variety of tips for those starting new jobs (here and here), chiefly for rising 3Ls taking summer jobs but, we believe, good for anyone embarking on a new career as a lawyer. Times have changed—you’ve heard of COVID-19, yes?—although the need for sage advice has not. We are now in an “in-between” time with COVID which will certainly play a role in your experience. Thus, we present an updated version of our random advice for those who are about to be employed, in two parts. This week, we talk about the work; next week, we will talk about socializing.