10-Q Random Advice for First-Year Law Students (2021-2022)

The editors of The Temple 10-Q thought it may help new law students, or those who may know new law students, to have some tips on how to handle the first year of law school, especially in a confusing time during the second year of the pandemic. The advice has a somewhat business-law slant, but applies to all 1Ls. It has two parts: school work and personal/social advice.

Action-Snacked Year: Food Labeling Class Actions On The Rise

Consumer class action lawsuits targeting foods for alleged false and misleading labeling rose sharply in 2020. Although this trend may appear to threaten the food and beverage industry, courts are applying the “reasonable consumer” standard with a “real world” perspective, dismissing cases despite plaintiffs’ alleged subjective confusion about the labeling at issue because the hypothetical “reasonable consumer” would not have been misled.

Supreme Court Issues Highly Anticipated Decision in NCAA Antitrust Suit

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules restricting student-athletes’ educational benefits are not entitled to deference under the antitrust laws and are subject to antitrust scrutiny under a “rule-of-reason” analysis.