Let’s Connect: Introducing the Professional Development Network

What do today’s Temple Law students crave? A fascinating guest speaker in Klein 2A with free pizza? A great torts outline from the WLC Outline Bank? A brief extension from a merciful professor? Yes, yes, and definitely yes.

But even more than that, today’s law students want a connection with our impressive Temple Law alumni network. With that in mind, the Law School has launched the Temple Professional Development Network.

What is the Professional Development Network?

The Temple Law Professional Development Network (PDN) connects law students to alumni who wish to serve as a resource to share advice and information about careers. In the future, we hope to use the PDN to allow alumni to connect with each other for networking and professional development purposes.

As members of the legal community, our alumni and students recognize the importance of developing a strong professional network. By participating in the Temple Law Professional Development Network, alumni will help students connect with the remarkable strength and depth of Temple’s alumni. Over [200] alumni have already signed up to participate.

How Can Alumni Participate?

The PDN is an online database that enables students to search participating alumni by various criteria that alumni choose to share (e.g., practice area, location). Because we know our alumni are busy, we provide complete control over the information shared, and how much access students have.

We will initially limit the number of students who can contact alumni to two in any three-month period, but alumni can change the level of participation at any time. To participate, alumni need only click here and answer a few quick questions.

Since you are a member of Temple’s large (and growing) business law community, we hope you will seriously consider participating in the PDN.

Questions? Comments?

Because we are in the early stages of creating the Temple Law Professional Development Network, please let us know if you have questions or suggestions. You can reach the office of career service via email at lcareer@temple.edu.

We sincerely hope you will participate in this important project. Click here to begin.

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