Professor Jonathan Lipson: 2020 Friel-Scanlan Lecture

On November 10, 2020, Temple Law Professor and 10-Q Faculty Editor Jonathan Lipson delivered the 2020 Friel-Scanlan lecture titled “Sex, Drugs, and Bankruptcy: Due Process and Social Debt.” The lecture was delivered against the backdrop of the American opioid crisis and recent events surrounding the well-publicized bankruptcies of Purdue Pharma, Boy Scouts of America, and other debtors with liability for egregious misconduct. Professor Lipson argued that a bankruptcy system which offers sweeping releases from civil and criminal liability for those involved in this wrongdoing upsets the basic tenets of Due Process.

Webinar Covers the Impact of COVID-19 on Shareholder Activism in the Retail Industry

On October 7, 2020, Morgan Lewis Partner Christina Edling Melendi moderated a virtual panel discussion examining the impact of COVID-19 on shareholder activism in the retail industry. Panelists included attorneys and consultants alike from some of the nation’s top legal and consulting firms. The panel’s focus was aimed squarely at helping retailers understand the threats they may face in the wake of the pandemic, as well as possible strategies to defend themselves against activist campaigns.

Leveling The Playing Field-U.S. Court Jurisdiction Over Disputes Between American Professional Athletes And Foreign Sports Teams

This article, which explores federal court jurisdiction over foreign business entities in the context of an American professional baseball player’s lawsuit against a Japanese professional baseball team and its corporate owner, uses the decision of the District Court finding personal jurisdiction over the team, but not its owner, as a springboard for a broader discussion of the jurisdictional issue. It explores the various analyses that are employed by courts in the Third Circuit and other Circuits, focusing particularly on the interactive nature of websites as a basis for the exercise of personal jurisdiction.

Chief Judge Maurice Foley of the U.S. Tax Court: Fall 2019 Fogel Lecture

Judge Maurice Foley delivers the 2019 Fogel Lecture to students in Klein Hall

On November 20, 2019 Chief Judge Maurice Foley of the U.S. Tax Court delivered this year’s Fogel Lecture at Temple Law School, which he dubbed “Pathways and Pitfalls, A Candid Discussion of My Path to the Bench.” Before becoming the first African-American appointed to the United States Tax Court in 1995, Judge Foley was an attorney for the Legislation and Regulations Division of the Internal Revenue Service, Tax Counsel for the United States Senate Committee on Finance, and Deputy Tax Legislative Counsel in the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Tax Policy.