Leveling The Playing Field-U.S. Court Jurisdiction Over Disputes Between American Professional Athletes And Foreign Sports Teams

This article, which explores federal court jurisdiction over foreign business entities in the context of an American professional baseball player’s lawsuit against a Japanese professional baseball team and its corporate owner, uses the decision of the District Court finding personal jurisdiction over the team, but not its owner, as a springboard for a broader discussion of the jurisdictional issue. It explores the various analyses that are employed by courts in the Third Circuit and other Circuits, focusing particularly on the interactive nature of websites as a basis for the exercise of personal jurisdiction.

Tax Relief May be Ahead for Market Participants Transitioning Away from LIBOR

Tax relief may be coming for issuers and holders of debt instruments and parties to derivatives and other financial contracts governed by LIBOR (the London Interbank Offered Rate). The IRS published new proposed regulations on October 9 to address tax concerns as parties have begun to modify financial instruments’ reference rates in anticipation of a

Temple Students Publish Studies of Business Law in China

The 10-Q has recently published several articles about doing business in China. Temple Law Professor Tarrant Mahony discussed the passage of a new foreign investment law in China. Temple Law Professor Mo Zhang discussed his forthcoming paper in the San Diego International Law Journal regarding the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in China. Temple Law

China Passes Landmark New Foreign Investment Law

Professor Tarrant Mahony discusses the recent passage of the “Foreign Investment Law of the People’s Republic of China” (the “FIL”). The FIL consolidates many recent changes to China’s foreign investment regime, allows for the establishment of foreign investment projects without prior government approval, and addresses issues of intellectual property rights protection and forced technology transfer.