5 Tips for Building Your Social Media Identity

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Social media has been and continues to be an incredible platform on which to build and improve a professional brand. But while the American Bar Association’s (ABA) most recent Legal Technology Survey indicates that lawyers are beginning to experiment with social media more than ever, for more risk-averse individuals, navigating the social media waters remains

A Fuller Understanding of Contractual Commitment

Pen on Paper

What do recitals of contractual obligation actually do? Pennsylvania, uniquely, permits parties to contract into obligations under the Uniform Written Obligations Act. But many other states permit mere recitals of consideration to conclusively establish the enforceability of a contract, even gratuitous promises otherwise unsupported by bargained-for-exchange. In contract theory, the enforceability of such naked recitals

The Supreme Court Protects Broadcasters from Competition, for now: ABC v. Aereo

Evening Watching Television

In ABC v. Aereo, the Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision, held that Aereo, Inc.’s subscription service – which gave subscribers access over the Internet to a miniature TV antenna and a miniature DVR housed in Aereo’s facility, allowing them to record over-the-air broadcast television signals (like the ones transmitted by your local ABC affiliate)