Gambling on Revel Casino

Revel Casino

The failure of Revel Casino is in many ways the failure of Atlantic City. Simply, there were too many casinos, not enough customers. Prior to competition from Delaware, New York, and most notably Pennsylvania, the Atlantic City market reached a high point in 2006 with gaming revenue of $5.2 billion. By 2014, that number had

A Fuller Understanding of Contractual Commitment

Pen on Paper

What do recitals of contractual obligation actually do? Pennsylvania, uniquely, permits parties to contract into obligations under the Uniform Written Obligations Act. But many other states permit mere recitals of consideration to conclusively establish the enforceability of a contract, even gratuitous promises otherwise unsupported by bargained-for-exchange. In contract theory, the enforceability of such naked recitals

Goodwill Indemnity: Another Approach to “Competition” between Franchisors and Franchisees

Franchising is a growing business model in the U.S. As franchising grows, however, franchisors can compete with their franchisees over the right to goodwill generated by the franchisee. I have recently completed a dissertation in Temple’s doctoral program that examines legal mechanisms to address expropriation of goodwill generated by franchisees, and proposes an alternative solution.